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FAQ: Popular questions about the trading contest

My subscription is ending in two days and I still haven’t finished the contest. Will my account be checked and can I submit for review?
Yes, you can. The subscription is needed only to start the contest and open the contest account. You can submit for review even, when the subscription is expired.

I submitted my account to verification two days ago and still haven’t received my results. Why?
The review of the account takes up to 14 working days, which is written in the terms of the contest. 

I sent my account details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., but didn’t get the reply. What should I do?
Because of a number of participants, they may not always reply to your message with contest account details, but the team sees your email and will start the review process. You will get your results within 14 days to your e-mail. In case it doesn’t happen send another email or ask the chat. The support team will help you. 

I got 15% profit in one day and submitted to verification, but didn’t get the funded account. Why?
The rules of the contest are very important. Please, read the rules carefully, before starting the contest: It is obligatory to trade for at least 7 days and be consistent with your strategy. Consistent trading means, that your history of trades shouldn’t look like it’s gambling and all the profit is done only in one or several trades. If you got huge profit in one day, you must continue trading as before to show consistency and following of your strategy in order to fulfil rule #9.

* Markets are available in some countries or qualified traders. The company does not provide services to US citizens.

The Company is a technology provider and payment agent acting on behalf of the User. The User understands that working with digital financial assets involves high risks and may result in the loss of all capital. The Company will have KYC and AML policies, as well as a Privacy Policy. For any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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