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Loyalty program

Complete tasks and get points. Spend points for participating in contests and crypto boxes.

100 points
Welcome bonus
10+ tasks
Earn points easily

Complete tasks and get points

The company's loyalty program is presented as a gamified system with points. Points can be earned by completing tasks. You can spend points in various promotions, including the purchase of crypto boxes and a qualification test for traders.

5 points

Purchase of tokens by a level 2 referral, for every 100 tokens.

10 points

Purchase of tokens by a level 1 referral, for every 100 tokens.

50 points

Refer a friend using your referral link. Only valid users.

100 points

Welcome bonus. Immediately after registration.

100 points

First purchase of MTHUB tokens. The minimum amount is from $10.

100 points

First trade on a demo account. Any trading volume.

100 points

Publication in a social network. Minimum 200 friends or followers.

200 points

First investment in a trader. The minimum amount is from $10.

300 points

First trade on a live account. Any trading volume.

500 points

Publication of an article about the company. For each platform.

1000 points

Publication of a trading account with a history of more than 2 weeks.

General terms and conditions

1. Participation in the bonus program is available to any registered user.

2. After registration, the user can immediately start using the bonus program.

3. Bonus points are awarded for active actions as a result of completing relevant tasks and for participating in marketing campaigns conducted by MTHUB. As part of the ongoing promotions, bonuses can be accrued in a larger amount.

4. For most tasks, bonus points will be credited automatically to the bonus account.

5. According to the conditions of individual tasks, after their completion, it may be necessary to fill out a form for subsequent verification and accrual of points to the bonus account.

6. The validity period of bonus points is unlimited.

7. MTHUB has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the bonus program at any time.

Frequently Asked

How many points can I earn?

There are no restrictions on the maximum number of points. It all depends on your actions.

Is it possible to withdraw points?

Points are not available for withdrawal. They can be exchanged for a crypto box or a second chance to participate in the qualification test.

Points are not awarded. What to do?

Contact the support team to clarify the situation.

Are points awarded for other tasks?

You can offer your task, which can be useful for the company. The company encourages all initiative clients.

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* Markets are available in some countries or qualified traders. The company does not provide services to US citizens.

The Company is a technology provider and payment agent acting on behalf of the User. The User understands that working with digital financial assets involves high risks and may result in the loss of all capital. The Company will have KYC and AML policies, as well as a Privacy Policy. For any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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