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Сompany Plans

Plans to implement new technologies, infrastructure solutions, products and services.

The services and infrastructure solutions to be implemented by the Company in the next two years are listed below. In addition to these activities, there are others being implemented - please visit the official MTHUB channels to get acquainted with them.

400 thousand assets

The company wants to expand the list of financial instruments and provide its clients with all possible markets which can be used in active trading. There will also be an opportunity to store funds in different currencies, other than USDT. This complex of measures includes solving legal, technical and financial tasks.

TradingView platform integration

We also plan to add the ability for clients to use Tradingview service solutions as a trading platform. This trading platform is a convenient tool for market analysis, which has gained the trust of many traders.

Crypto-payment service

MTHUB has implemented its own cryptocurrency payment service. It allows making the Company's infrastructure more independent from third-party providers. The service is planned to be implemented in 2023 as the volume of user transactions increases.

Mobile app

Currently the account is managed through a web-interface. The set of services is rapidly expanding, so the Company decided to postpone the mobile app to 2023. Mobile app will significantly improve usability of the Company's services.

P2P payments

The Company plans to introduce a service for client deposits/withdrawals with the ability to optimize cross-border payments. The service is suitable for counterparties that value the speed and low cost of transactions. MTHUB acts as a guarantor and provides technical tools.

Blockchain Synchronization

The Company aims to be as open as possible and plans to store all customer transactions in an impersonal form on one of the blockchain platforms. Customers will be assured that transactions cannot be deleted or changed by the Company. Also, this mechanism will make the mechanism for resolving possible disputes more transparent.

Matching Engine

The expansion of the technical infrastructure will allow the Company to create its own liquidity provider with a wide range of instruments and to implement spot trading without engaging third-party counterparties. The implementation of the Matching Engine will allow the Company to become fully independent from external suppliers.

Licensing of activity

As the Company grows, licensing of the following activities is planned in a number of countries: brokerage activity, digital financial assets, payment systems. This will improve the Company's infrastructure in terms of additional opportunities related to the connection of new liquidity providers and provision to retail clients of a full range of instruments.

The Company is open for cooperation in the field of design and development of fintech services, as well as possible cooperation with payment institutions and liquidity providers. Please send your proposals to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* Markets are available in some countries or qualified traders. The company does not provide services to US citizens.

The Company is a technology provider and payment agent acting on behalf of the User. The User understands that working with digital financial assets involves high risks and may result in the loss of all capital. The Company will have KYC and AML policies, as well as a Privacy Policy. For any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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