Qualification test

Show successful trading on a demo account and get $1000 in management. No deposit required.

14 Days

The road to success

The qualification test is essential for people who want to build a career as a trader but do not have enough money for it. The company helps to do the first step and gives successful traders $1,000 to manage. The volume of investments for successful traders with good statistics will increase and could reach up to $500K.

General terms and conditions

1. The Qualification Test on demo accounts is held within the current promotions of the company and does not have a specific validity period. The Qualification Test may be canceled by the Company unilaterally at any time.

2. An individual demo account for 1,000 USDT is created for the client, on which trading is carried out within 14 calendar days.

3. Of the 14 calendar days of the Qualification Test, 7 days must be active trading, which means: a participant must open at least one filled position per day platform time.

4. Trading is carried out only with pending orders, it is obligatory to set Stop Loss for each open position.

5. The maximum allowable drawdown per trade is 2% of the initial deposit.

6. The maximum allowable drawdown for one day is 4% of the initial deposit.

7. The maximum allowable total drawdown on the account is 8% of the initial deposit.

8. The competition is considered passed when a yield of 15% of the initial deposit is reached subject to all conditions of the Qualification Test without exceptions.


1. Checking accounts is carried out automatically, as well as with the involvement of Company specialists.

2. The client may be disqualified for one of the reasons: the use of multiple accounts, exploitation of vulnerabilities in software, transfer of the account to management to a third party, as well as for other reasons that put other users at an unequal position.

3. In case of disagreement with the results of the decision of the Company, the Client can send a letter to official address with a description of the claim for re-verification of the trading account.

4. Before issuing an invoice for management, the Company has the right to request the Client to make a test or graphic record of the successful completion of the Qualification Test in social networks and messengers.

5. The results of the Qualification Test may be published by the company in an anonymous format on any Internet resources.

6. The maximum period for verification of the contest account is 14 calendar days.

Account management

1. A client who successfully completes the Qualification Test receives an account in management for 1,000 USDT.

2. Only profits can be withdrawn from the provided account in accordance with management agreement.

3. The client is not responsible for possible losses on the account, subject to compliance with the terms of account management.

4. The client can withdraw all or part of the profit no more than twice a week.

5. The trading conditions on the account issued for management remain the same, except for except for the following:
- the maximum number of non-trading days in a row is not more than five;
- maximum drawdown per trade 2%;
- maximum drawdown per day 4%;
- maximum drawdown per week 10%;
- maximum drawdown on the account 20%.

6. The Client's trading account transferred for management may be published by the Company during internal investment platform.

7. In case of connecting investment accounts to the Client's account, profit from copying transactions are transferred in full to the Client's personal account.

8. The client's account transferred to trust management can be additionally marked by the company with special signs or symbols, and can also be used in marketing campaigns.

9. The maximum term for providing an account to the Client is no more than 30 calendar days from the successful completion of the Qualification Test.

Frequently Asked

How to get more than $1000?

The qualification test is the initial stage of a career within a company. During the trading process, traders are provided with additional capital up to $500K. Conditions are discussed with each trader individually, depending on the results of the trader.

Is it really free?

Yes. The qualification test is free for all traders. The company does not charge a subscription for the service, does not charge any fees for participation. The trader receives all the profit that is formed on the account as a result of management.

What benefits does the company receive?

The company is developing an open investment platform and strives to provide its clients with as many talented traders as possible. Good trading with strict rules attracts the attention of investors.

How is a trader promoted?

The trader's account becomes public. The company mentions the account in mailings to its own customer base, as well as on external resources. If necessary, the trader is assisted in the development of a personal brand.

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