Affiliate program

Refer clients and get unlimited rewards.

Up to 25% of the subscription fee
Up to 150 USDT per active client


RevShare - percentage of the subscription paid by the client. Charged every time a customer renews a subscription. Depending on how many MTHUB tokens a partner holds, his reward increases or decreases. This model has a two-tier system. The client pays for the subscription in tokens, but the partner receives a reward in USDT.

LevelNumber of tokensReward
RevShare #1

First level - 10%
Second level - 2%

RevShare #2
10 000

First level - 15%
Second level - 3%

RevShare #3
50 000

First level - 20%
Second level - 4%

RevShare #4
100 000

First level - 25%
Second level - 5%


CPA is a one-time reward for an active client. The status of an active client is assigned by numerous triggers: purchase of tokens from 300 USDT, deposit from 3000 USDT, open real trading account from 500 USDT (10 trades), open investment account from 500 USDT.

The CPA model is multilevel and does not have a depth maximum.

The CPA model is not available to all partners. To switch to the CPA model, please contact your manager or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

LevelNumber of tokensReward
CPA #1

First level - 75 USDT
Next levels - 10 USDT

CPA #2
10 000

First level - 100 USDT
Next levels - 15 USDT

CPA #3
50 000

First level - 125 USDT
Next levels - 20 USDT

CPA #4
100 000

First level - 150 USDT
Next levels - 25 USDT

General terms and conditions

1. Referral profit is calculated automatically.
2. Profits can be withdrawn at any time.
3. Any cheating is prohibited.
4. Spam in any form is unacceptable.
5. The Company may block the partner's account if the rules are violated.
6. The Company does not accept US citizens and persons under sanctions.

Frequently Asked

What is the minimum for withdrawal?

The withdrawal minimum is only 10 USDT.

How often can I withdraw funds?

Funds from the affiliate account can be withdrawn an unlimited number of times at any time.

Is it possible to hold a joint action?

For partners with their own Internet resources or audience, advanced features are offered. It is possible to hold promotions, tournaments and other events.

Is motivated traffic accepted?

Motivated traffic is not paid by the company, but is acceptable if it does not violate other company rules.

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