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AMA with Head of MTHUB Operations

We are happy to present you our talk during the AMA session with the Head of MTHUB Operations - Ilya Fogel.


Q:Hello!  Before the interview starts, can you please tell us more about yourself ?

A: Hello, my name is Ilya Fogel, I am an Operations Manager at MTHUB. I joined the project practically from the beginning. Since the beginning of the year, I have been actively helping newcomers to the project and supporting the community in passing the contest. 

Now I am engaged in automating the contest system and communication between users and the company.

@dennifx Q: What really is the motive of the MTHUB organization??

A: The project was created in order to close the gap of professional solutions for traders in the crypto market. Our goal is a convenient unified platform for all devices, for all types of users (beginners and professionals), which contains all types of trading assets.

@adins30 Q: What are the benefits for MTHUB company in organizing a trading contest, even giving 100% of the resulting profits directly to the traders without sharing with the company?

A: All trading at MTHUB is done through the A-Book system, where orders are executed on the side of liquidity providers. The company has no conflict with traders when they make money. The company's goal regarding the contest is to find talented traders who can become part of the investment platform and earn commission on turnover. That's why we launched the contest and we are willing to risk our funds by giving them to management.

@adins30 Q: Until when will the trading contest be held and will it continue to be held in the future by the company?

A: This contest will exist until the need for talented traders is closed. You don't have to worry about termination of the contest. We also plan to launch additional contests among traders and investors.

@adins30 Q: What makes this new MTHUB token unique and how does it have the potential to attract investors?

A: The MTHUB token is not unique. It is a utility token that offers benefits to traders and investors alike. The value of the token directly depends on the development of the company. The more results we achieve, the more valuable and important the token will be. We are now in the final stages of listing, which will provide an additional incentive for active token holders and future investors.

@adins30 Q: How will the use of the new Mthub token benefit its users or owners?

A: In addition to improved trading conditions for token holders, the platform has an extensive loyalty program for investors. Every month we hold contests among investors and partners (token holders) and reward the winners with valuable prizes.

@kaffy221 Q:  So far your Qualifications test selection procedure is not transparent and time consuming, what are the plans you have for improvement?

A: Contest accounts are now checked by a team of traders. Each account goes through several stages of verification and all this is done manually. Each trade is checked separately for compliance with all contest requirements. The conditions are the same for all, so you need to be sure that we have not missed anything. The way out is complete automation of the process. We have already introduced many elements of automation, but this is still not enough for full automation. In the near future, the qualification test will become much faster and easier.

@skiwyy Q: Some people say that the contest is a scam, how can a trader  be sure that everything is legit and why live accounts are used for the contest?

A: We do not demand anything but time from traders who want to try their hand. You can buy a subscription for bonus points, which do not require any investment. Traders have already shared their results in the chat, and some of us have even asked them to upload screenshots of some winners' withdrawals. Unfortunately, the success rate of the contest remains low, but with more participants you will soon see more and more announcements of new winners.

@illustratio97 Q:  Are there consistency rules for passing the contest?

A: Yes they are. It is the last rule on We are searching for traders with stable results, that's why we don't like when all the profit is made with one trade.

@illustratio97 Q: After passing the contest, is submitting in the Website Enough, or should we send additional Email

A: It will be better to send it VIA email too, just to be sure.

@justweniii Q: What specifically is being done to ensure the sustainability of projects?

A: We do have a financial model where it will be self-sustaining after a certain number of active users. We have already passed that mark. Now we will be in profit as long as we are actively developing.

@Anakkompleks77 Q: Most of the time, security is always an important issue as in the past, a lot of projects got hacked & suffered huge losses. Have  you prepared any solutions for this case yet?

A: That is the most important topic for us too. That is why we delayed some of our ideas and features. We protect our platform as strong as we can and it is a multi-level system that will be even stronger with time.

@jokniuuh Q: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community?

A: You can send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We want to thank all the participants of the AMA session with Ilya Fogel!

Hope, that your most thrilling questions were answered.  

While choosing the questions, we've noticed your huge interest in the marketing strategy of MTHUB.  So we decided to dedicate next AMA session to this topic and soon all the MTHUB users will have a chance to talk to the members of our marketing team  of course win some tokens 😉

Hope to see you soon !

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