AMA with Azer Arabli - CVO of MTHUB

We have asked Azer Arabli, CVO of MTHUB, your questions and we are excited to share his thoughts on them.

Q: Can you please create proof videos of the traders who have successfully passed the Qualification test and are trading with real accounts, is it in your future plans?

A: To create evidence-based videos, traders must want to be involved in the process themselves. We are happy to support this initiative and will dedicate an entire news blog about it with success stories. I think traders should not shy away from publicity, because don't forget that investors come to the company and are willing to invest money in successful managers. Only the trader himself can tell about his trading strategy. 

Q: I have read in the website about a 500k account after the Qualification test, what type of trader will get that, is 1000 usd account scalable to 500k for all users or 1000 account after Qualification test is permanent and it won't increase even after better profit percentage?

A: After passing the qualification test, the trader gets $1,000 to manage and starts working on a real account. If the trader is adequate and follows all the established rules of risk management, then MTHUB will be able to entrust the trader with managing more serious capital and $500k may not be the limit.

Q: Are you planning to share information about the traders who have passed the test and have done withdrawal from real account? 

A: Yes, we are happy to tell you about successful traders who have qualified and want to share it. People often ask this question in the chat room, especially those who have just joined us. The task of the company is to form a strong community with traders who can be trusted and investors who can invest in our products and services, including successful traders. But let's be honest, many traders who have successfully passed the qualification test begin to perceive trading as a casino game and lose risk capital on 1-2 trades. This is all a working process and natural selection. But we are proud that there are successful traders, who we have been working with for quite a long time and who have already made not 1000$ but 20k$ - 30k$ and more. The company plans popularization of trading through contests and even through reality shows where we are going to teach people, bring them to a high level and provide access to accounts up to $1mln.

Q: Why are you making pending order as a rule for evaluation? Why market orders are not allowed?

A:Several things are necessary for success: adequacy (can only be checked while working), risk management (the company controls), the trading system (individual for each) and discipline. In order to check how much discipline the trader can exercise, the company introduced rules. If a person cannot follow the rules, he will not be able to form his trading system, so he will definitely violate risk management. Understand, everyone is different, some people are quicker to learn how to trade, some are slower, but everyone can learn. In order to make money you can not only trade on your own but also invest in successful traders in the MTHUB Invest Platform. That is why we create an open and transparent ecosystem.

Q: Do you plan integration of MetaTrader 4 or any other trading platforms?

A:MT4 is already an outdated platform and we have already given access to a more improved version - MT5. The company plans to give access to trading our instruments through the Trading View platform in the near future. The development of MTHUB's own app for the App Store and Google Play is already coming to completion, and soon you will be able to use the cutting-edge solution from your mobile devices.

Q: Is MTHUB planning on expanding it's customer base for non traders too?

A: MTHUB is a company not only for active traders. It is a technological platform that will incorporate the best modern solutions from the financial sector. The company will provide access to absolutely all markets including more than 400k assets of different classes. Trading, Investment, Storage, Exchange - these are just some of the services for clients that we will continue to develop at a rapid pace. This will certainly have an effect on the growth of our client base.

Q: What are the long term goals of the company?

A:We are now making efforts to provide our existing customers with access to the classic markets as soon as possible, as well as developing the technical infrastructure and application. In the coming weeks we will announce the listing date of the MTHUB token on the first tier cryptocurrency exchanges. In the medium term, we want to take the lead in buying secured digital assets and digital equivalents of natural resources and metals.

* Markets are available in some countries or qualified traders. The company does not provide services to US citizens.

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