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Official launch

The first registration of partners and clients, open trading accounts. Performed technical integration with a large number of liquidity providers. The process of issuing the MTHUB utility token has been initiated.


MTHUB brand established

Combining two professional teams into one structure. The technical core of the platform has been deployed. Tested order execution to Binance exchange. Completed market research to form the product line and marketing strategy of the company.


History of one team

Part of the company's team develops and successfully implements software for financial companies: banks, brokers, asset managers. Performed over 20 integrations with liquidity providers.


History of the second team

The second part of the company's team manages assets of various classes, mainly using HFT and intraday trading strategies. All processes are automated by the internal development team.

This site is the only official source of information. The Company is not responsible for the provision of information by third parties. The Company does not provide investment advice or give investment advice. The Company is not responsible for the client's losses associated with trading in any financial instruments. We comply with KYC and AML policies. US citizens cannot use trading and investment accounts.

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